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Spanish Association of Choir Conductors

Spanish Association of Choir Directors


Together for choral music
Scientific Congress
“La mujer en la dirección coral”
MADRID (March 15-17, 2024)

You can now register and download the program for the Scientific Congress!

BURGOS (October 13-15, 2023)

You can now register and download the program for the XXIII National Choral Singing Grand Prix!

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Relevant testimonials

Alejandro Yagüe

It is necessary that a society that vibrates, that is moved and that sings, values an association that directs its song, its emotions and its vibrations.


The Association of Choir Directors of the Argentine Republic – ADICORA- celebrates the creation of its Spanish counterpart AEDCORO.

Javier Busto

AEDCORO must be a very important reference for all of us who deeply love written music to be sung in a choir, that is, in a group, that is, UNITED. We must achieve objectives if we show STRENGTH and we will achieve it, I reiterate, from UNITY.

Protective Partners