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Spanish Association of Choir Conductors

In october 2016 I National Forum of choral conductors happened in Burgos, organized by Asociación Dirige Coros. There, conductors from all states met up to talk about the current situation of the choral music in Spain with a broad view but with a focus on choral conductors. There were  23 invited people who agreed to create a national organization to highlight the choral music and the work of choral conductors, by the means of  the redaction and sign of a founding act. The Spanish association of choral conductors was born with the purpose of:

  • Perform actions to raise up the quality of choral music and its  presence in the society.
  • Advise associated choral conductors in their work and represent them in public or privates entities.
  • Ensure that choirs are led by conductors specifically educated for that purpose.
  • The organization of courses, workshops, seminars, congress…
  • Advise and promote the creation of new choral projects in public and private institutions.
  • Ensure that choral music is has presence in institutions throughout any of their fields: education, research, performance, creation and promotion.
  • Intensify relationships and exchange experiences among associated choral conductors.
  • Establish relationships with similar international organizations or institutions in order to promote cultural, academic, research or associative links.
  • Promote activities relation with the goals above

Spanish Choral Association is open to everyone which is constituted as forum for permanent discussions of professional concerns that conductors may have as a  union and aim for recognition of in society and institutions.. The association is open to everyone since our link is something rather than music.